A new era begins...

– Seneca

It is not little time that we have, but a lot that we do not use.


May we introduce you to Robin?

Your fitness buddy, your daily companion, your new best friend – for maximum shaping effect. Your success with Robin is amplified by its simple and invisible integration into everyday life. Because Robin is always where you are and activates the deep muscles as well as your metabolism. The targeted toning of your silhouette happens almost unnoticeably – at the office, while having drinks after work or also specifically during exercise. How this is possible? Byogym presents Robin with EMS Technology 2020. Let’s get started!


Well advised in Hall 5.1! FIBO in Cologne is the leading international trade show for Fitness, Wellness & Health. More than a thousand exhibitors from over forty countries present themselves at the FIBO Cologne Show and show everything that is and will be important in the industry. From April 2 to 5, 2020, Byogym will […]

We give people more time for the precious things in life by preserving, strengthening and protecting their most valuable asset, namely their health. The training possibilities with Robin are unlimited and can be integrated into everyday life. You can wear Robin while doing sports to maximize your training effects, but you can also wear Robin […]

What if there was a training product, a new tool, a revolutionary idea that would close the gap, the abyss and the seemingly insurmountable gap between muscle training and rest? A system that could have a measurable visual and health effect from the inside out. And save time in the process? Our products can strengthen […]

The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

– Albert Einstein


As we live our lives, we notice that qualities such as time or health begin to become increasingly important, and yet, they are less and less available or more and more difficult to attain. That’s why our vision is to merge effective training with the resulting time savings – all with just one goal in mind: to preserve, strengthen and protect health in the long run. BE YOUR GYM! Make everyday life your fitness centre! This is our mission, to make sure there is enough time left for the important things in life.


Byogym is revolutionising the market in electric muscle stimulation training by introducing a brand-new combination of EMS technology – translated into action with specially designed stretch pants that fit your body snugly and the Power Box (an integrated control tool) to ensure best implementation of the workout. With the newly developed personalised Byogym app, workout & feedback are integrated into everyday life, regardless of location, schedule or deadline constraints. BYOGYM gives you the gift of time and activates body & spirit.

Let a life be filled with deeds, not with idle years.

– Ovid

Only once the power box has been attached to the contact plate and switched on is a personalised wireless connection to the app generated on the mobile phone or tablet. Now you can select the body areas to be trained, make the related settings and the training can begin. The muscles and tissues are trained with low-frequency impulses that trigger gentle electronic muscle stimulation. All the results are stored in your profile and analysed. Our power box is CE-certified (applicable standard: 60335-3).

No matter how far the journey is, you have to take the first step.

– Mao Tse-tung



Fitness buddy Robin is a high-waist pair of pants that sits squarely in the legs, bums & tums area. The high compression rate improves the fit, and yet, the pants are still comfortable and easy to wear. For the first time ever, the electrodes used during EMS training require NO additional external moistening, which greatly facilitates use. The patented electrodes and power box connection to the textile originate from Germany, which is also where the product is manufactured.


BYOGYM APP – the online tool
Robin will be your fitness buddy to help you get that beach body. Personal – individual – voluntary – available 24/7. This specifically developed web-based training app can be used on any online-capable terminal. The user activates the electrodes individually for each body region and gets feedback and a training progress analysis right after working out. The app is continuously evolving and will soon create opportunities for the BYOGYM community to network and schedule group training sessions or share their experiences.


POWER BOX – the control tool
The core element of the BYOGYM principle weighs only 100 grams and measures 25x60x100 mm in size. The power box is a 58-volt generator and has a frequency of 7 to 35 Hz, depending on the application (e.g. active for Leslie and passive for Robin). Not only does the CE-certified power box look good in its white case, it also features a powerful lithium ion accumulator battery, Bluetooth 4.0 and WIFI connectivity, 12 channels (8 stimulation and 4 feedback channels), and it’s also splash- and waterproof.


LESLIE – coming soon
The next generation sport suit called Leslie for perfect full-body training is coming soon.

Character is formed between success and failure, in conflict, effort and victory.

– Leopold von Ranke


The BYOGYM concept, made up of a training system and an application, sets new standards on the sports and fitness market. It frees up more time and grants independence in all life situations while having a positive impact on health and well-being. Let’s stop indulging your inner couch potato!


Power training

  • Deep muscle stimulation
  • Muscle building training
  • Rehabilitation following injury and/or surgery
  • Competitive preparation
  • Improving high-speed strength

Skin and tissue tightening

  • Circulatory stimulation
  • Metabolic stimulation
  • Improvement of cellulite

Endurance training

  • Interval training
  • Strength endurance
  • Support of the respective endurance sport (e.g. deliberately increasing resistance)


  • Relaxing muscle groups after intense workouts
  • Alleviating pain symptoms (post workout)
  • Massaging specific areas or whole-body stimulation

There is no progress without change. If you cannot change your thinking, you cannot change anything.

– George Bernard Shaw

Every movement happens in a time and has a goal.

– Aristoteles


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